We changed the way you pay for yard services.

Set your own price with one-time service or pay per-service with recurring orders.

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Set Your Own Price
Set Your Own Price

with on-demand lawn mowing and snow shovelling.

Pay Per Service
Pay Per Service

with vacation/seasonal lawn mowing or snow shovelling.

Get a Quote
Get a Quote

on spring cleanup and fall leaf cleanup jobs.

Pay Per Hour
Pay Per Hour

for other services including weeding and ice removal.

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One-Time Service

Set your own price with on-demand lawn mowing and snow removal

Our algorithm will tell you the recommended price after entering your property attributes and service selections.

Offer less if you can wait for service or if the work is lighter than usual
Use the recommended price for service within 24 hours, under normal circumstances
Offer more for faster service or if the work is heavier than usual
See exact pricing for your property
Recurring Service

Pay per-service with vacation and seasonal lawn mowing and snow removal

Order service for a few days or the entire season. You pay each time service is needed, instead of a flat monthly fee.

Lawn mowing is dispatched based on your preferred service frequency
Show shovelling is dispatched each time it finishes snowing at least 1 cm
Change or cancel your request at any time, with no penalty
Setup or change your request
Quoted Service

Get a custom quote on spring cleanup and fall cleanup services

We’ll review your property on Google Earth and provide a custom quote based on your service selections.

Select from a variety of services including aerating, power raking, leaf cleanup, and first or last mow and trim
Get a no-obligation custom quote within 2 business days, right from the app
Pick three to five calendar days for service - we'll let you know when the job has been scheduled
Get a custom quote
Hourly Service

Pay hourly with weeding/garden cleanup, hedge trimming, and packed snow/ice removal

Specify the maximum number of hours. We’ll work until the job is complete, or the maximum number of hours is reached.

We bill down to the exact minute
Describe the work you want completed when submitting the request
Include optional photos to illustrate the scope of work
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