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With MowSnowPros, there are no contracts and no fixed monthly fees. You pay each time you need service and not for anything else.

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How it works

Customize your lawn care service, get pricing, and order instantly – without talking to anyone!

Set your attributes
Set your attributes
Use the app to specify which services apply to your job.
Set a bid price
Set a bid price
See suggested pricing and then pick your own price.
Get job updates
Get job updates
Receive live updates when job activities happen.
Rate your service
Rate your service
See photos of the lawn mow, rate the service, and pay instantly.

Three service delivery options to suit your individual needs

On-Demand Service
Request lawn care whenever you need it. No need to sign a contract at the start of the season.
Order On-Demand Service
Vacation Service
Set up the dates you’re away on vacation and we’ll mow your lawn on your preferred schedule.
Full-Season Service
We can also do lawn mowing for the entire season. No contracts, minimums, or cancellation fees.
Order Seasonal Service

Thousands of lawn care jobs completed

Here’s what some of our customers are saying after service is complete.

on <b>Lawn Care</b> by Calgary MowSnowPro <b>Steven M.</b>

''Steven was fantastic. He did a great job on my yard. Very meticulous and gave me great tips on how to keep my lawn healthy. Would definitely recommend him.``

Debbie J
on Lawn Care by Calgary MowSnowPro Steven M.
on <b>Lawn Mowing Service</b> by Edmonton MowSnowPro <b>Curtis M.</b>

''Awesome and quick service!! Would recommend to my family and friends.''

Karina M
on Lawn Mowing Service by Edmonton MowSnowPro Curtis M.
on <b>Lawn Care</b> by Winnipeg MowSnowPro <b>Chris B.</b>

''Excellent attention to detail! He didn’t cut corners, except in the literal sense! ;). Thanks.''

Jeff C
on Lawn Care by Winnipeg MowSnowPro Chris B.
on <b>Lawn Care Service</b> by Winnipeg MowSnowPro <b>Brooklyn O.</b>

''Great job, thank you! Appreciate the careful attention to all the lawn trimming around landscaping and hard to reach areas.``

Hannah E
on Lawn Care Service by Winnipeg MowSnowPro Brooklyn O.
on <b>Lawn Care</b> by Calgary MowSnowPro <b>Christopher B.</b>

''Absolutely amazing!!!! Wonderful job! The yard looks amazing!!!! Thank you ever so much!!!''

Kathryn M
on Lawn Care by Calgary MowSnowPro Christopher B.
on <b>Lawn Care</b> by Saskatoon MowSnowPro <b>Zavier P.</b>

''Great work! Above and beyond!''

Steve E
on Lawn Care by Saskatoon MowSnowPro Zavier P.
on <b>Lawn Care</b> by Edmonton MowSnowPro <b>Brian B.</b>

''Looks great and thanks for working in the hot weather you guys are amazing and efficient used the app last year and this year and have no complaints.``

Donna H
on Lawn Care by Edmonton MowSnowPro Brian B.
on <b>Lawn Care</b> by Ottawa MowSnowPro <b>James C.</b>

''Amazing! This app is definitely a step up and the notifications and the final result was on point. Job well done!``

Farzeen N
on Lawn Care by Ottawa MowSnowPro James C.
on <b>Lawn Mowing Service</b> by Edmonton MowSnowPro <b>Renato R.</b>

''These two do an awesome job. They trim, edge and mow and leave it all clean and tidy. Great work.''

Jan L.
on Lawn Mowing Service by Edmonton MowSnowPro Renato R.

Providing lawn care in the following cities:


Calgary & Area

Including Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks


Edmonton & Area

Including Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert




Red Deer

Including Blackfalds and Lacombe









Three options for the cut grass

Select your preference when ordering a lawn care service in the MowSnowPros app.

Mulch (Leave on Lawn)
Mulch (Leave on Lawn)

The lawnmower will be run without a bag, and grass clipping will be left on the lawn to decompose as a valuable source of nutrients.

Put in Green Bin Unbagged
Put in Green Bin Unbagged

Lawn clippings will be collected in the mower bag, and then deposited in your green bin (if available) for city organics collection.

Bag Grass
Bag Grass

Lawn clippings will be collected in the mower bag, and then bagged for pickup. Bags can be removed by the MowSnowPro for an additional $6 per bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

A MowSnowPro is a local independent contractor that has passed our application/training program and committed to providing quality service on the MowSnowPros platform. They may be a neighbour looking to make a bit of extra money, a new entrepreneur starting their own landscaping company, or an established landscaping company completing extra jobs on their route.

When you submit a service request in the MowSnowPros mobile app or web app, the job becomes available to our network of MowSnowPro service providers. When the request is accepted, you will receive updates and job photos throughout the process and have the option to rate the service when complete.

Everything is completed online through our mobile app or web app. There is no need to talk to anyone on the phone or in person!

When you submit a recurring service request in the MowSnowPros mobile app or web app, you will specify the start and end date. Based on the cadence (service frequency) you set, we will dispatch service and one of our MowSnowPro independent contractors will complete the job.

You will receive updates each time something happens related to your job. Before and after photos can be viewed in the MowSnowPros mobile app or web app. You are only charged each time service is completed.

The MowSnowPros mobile app and web app allow you to specify exactly what needs to be mowed, so pay close attention to ensure what you enter reflects what you want done. Being honest about the size of yard and current grass height helps ensure the service provider is fairly compensated for the work performed.

If you have a specific request about how you want the job performed, use the comments box to type in that information. You can also upload your own photos or drawings.

Over 97% of Lawn Mowing jobs submitted through the MowSnowPros app are accepted and completed, with the vast majority within 24 hours or less of submitting the request. If your request is not being accepted, it may be that:

• Rainy weather is keeping the grass wet, which makes it very difficult to cut.

• The bid price is too low, relative to the amount of work required or what is being offered for similar jobs nearby.

• The request is too complex or deviates from a normal service.

At MowSnowPros, we always want you to be satisfied with the service provided. If something isn’t right, please use the “Dispute Job” button and tell us about it. We’ll always do our best to make it right.

Have a great lawn, no matter the month

With on-demand lawn care, you can order service whenever it’s needed. Have the grass trimmed more often early in the season when it’s growing, and less frequently later in the summer when growth slows.

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