Vacation Lawn Care

How itWorks

Vacation Lawn Mowing Made Simple

1. Request Vacation Lawn Service

Choose how often you want it done.

Your request will automatically be sent to a MowSnowPro who will get the job done during the away dates that you select.

2. Your Lawn Gets Mowed While You're Away

Enjoy your stress-free vacation.

A MowSnowPro will automatically mow your lawn based on the frequency you choose and you get to set the bid price beforehand.

3. See a Before & After Photo of Your Lawn

Hassle-free payment processing.

You will be notified once your MowSnowPro is finished and will only submit payment once you have confirmed the job is completed.


The most reliable way to ensure your lawn actually gets mowed while you’re on vacation.


What Makes Us Different

No Long-term Commitment

Make a One-Time Request

No contracts, no monthly fee. You can request to have your lawn mowed only during the time you're away. We provide that flexibility with the click of a button.

Accurate Lawn Service

You Set the Frequency

To ensure your lawn is mowed when it needs to be, you set the first day you'd like it done and tell us how often you'd like a MowSnowPro to return after that.

Money Saved

You Set the Bid Price

Since there's no contract, you are only billed each time we mow your lawn while you're away (which you set) and you choose the price you're willing to pay!

Even MoreBenefits

Enjoy Your Vacation

Leave it to the MowSnowPro's

You can sit back & relax while on vacation knowing that a MowSnowPro will handle your lawn care and even send you a photo of the completed job.

Supporting Local

We Contract Entrepreneurs

You can feel good knowing that even though you're in a different place, you're still supporting local entrepreneurs running their own landscaping business.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Optimized for All Web-enabled Devices

No matter where in the world your vacation takes you, MowSnowPros is available. Just grab your mobile device to confirm the completed job and make payment.