Spring Clean-up Services and Pricing

Residential Spring Lawn & Yard Services

How itWorks

Power-raking, Aeration and Spring Clean-up Made Simple

1. Request a Spring Clean-up

Set the date you'd like service.

Your request will automatically be sent to us, and we'll have a look at your yard on Google Earth, then provide you with a quote within hours.

2. Your Yard Gets Serviced

Enjoy the first days of Spring.

Once you've accepted your Spring Clean-up quote for the services chosen, a MowSnowPro will be over on or around the date you selected.

3. Photos & Payment

Hassle-free invoicing.

Upon job completion, your payment will be made through our secure third-party payment processor Stripe, with attached before/after photos.


Spring Clean-upPricing

Choose a la carte Services or a Package

0-2000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Frontyard Only or Backyard Only or Small Frontyard & Backyard
$160-$200 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking$100-$120
  • Aerating$60-$80
  • First mow/trim$35-$45
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$15-$25
  • *discount available for bundling services

2000-4000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Frontyard & Backyard or Corner-lot Frontyard
$200-$280 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking$120-$180
  • Aerating$80-$100
  • First lawn mow & trim$45-$65
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$25-$50
  • *discount available for bundling services

4000-6000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Corner Lot Frontyard & Backyard or Oversized Frontyard & Backyard
$280-$360 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking$180-$240
  • Aerating$100-$120
  • First mow/trim$65-$85
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$50-$75
  • *discount available for bundling services

6000+ sqft Lawn

e.g. Oversized Corner Frontyard & Backyard
$360+ Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking$240+
  • Aerating$120+
  • First mow/trim$85+
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$75+
  • *discount available for bundling services


What Makes Us Different

Customized Spring Cleanups

Select Only the Services You Want.

You can select the Lawn Clean-up services your
yard needs. That way you make sure you're within
budget and don't pay for services you don't want.

Quick & Easy Free Quotes

No Property Visit Required.

We use Google Earth to determine the size of
your yard. As a result, we can give you an
accurate Spring Clean-up quote almost instantly.

Easy Invoicing

Invoice Emailed After Job is Done.

All transactions are processed online securely
through Stripe, or Square, two leaders in
mobile payments. No need to be home to pay!

Even MoreBenefits

Scheduled or On-Demand

Set the Date For a Clean-up.

You can book your Spring Clean-up ahead or
schedule on-demand for quick service. Either
way we try to accommodate the date requested.

Supporting Small Business

We Contract Entrepreneurs

You can feel good knowing that every time you
request a MowSnowPro, you are directly supporting
an entrepreneur's efforts to run their own business.

Before & After Photos

Emailed When Job is Finished.

Our MowSnowPros always take before and
after photos of your yard to ensure that you'll
see the impact of the yard clean-up that was done!