Spring Clean-up Onboarding

How to Enable Spring Clean-up Jobs

  • Tap on “Profile” in the bottom menu of your Contractor app account
  • Tap on “Contractor Settings”
  • Tap on “Job Type & About Me”
  • Select “Spring Clean-up”
  • Enter how much experience you have performing Spring clean-up work
  • This includes any or all of power-raking, aerating, lawn mowing/trimming and hedge/bed blowouts
  • Depending on the work requested, you may need specialized equipment (see below)
  • Tap “Save” to complete your selection
  • You will now see Spring Clean-up jobs and receive notifications when they are requested
  • Please read over the FAQ section to familiarize yourself with our expectations for the work completed

Spring Clean-up Equipment Requirements

Power Rake

  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “power-raking”


  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “power-raking” & “blowout of hedges/beds”

Thatching Rake

  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “power-raking”


  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “aerating”

Bag Lawn Mower

  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “first lawn mow & trim”


  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “first lawn mow & trim”


  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “bed/hedge blowout”

Compostable Bags

  • Required to perform clean-ups that include “power-raking”, “first lawn mow & trim” and/or “bed/hedge blowout”

Spring Clean-up Performance Expectations

Blowout of Beds/Hedges

  • If requested, this should generally be the first service that is completed. Blow out all loose debris from the hedge/bed areas onto the lawn so that it can be raked up. Once all work is completed, blow off debris/clippings from non-lawn surfaces.


  • Cordless/Gas Blower
  • Rake
  • Compostable Bags

Power Raking

  • Go over the lawn in a cross-hatch pattern with a power rake machine, then rake up the thatch/debris. After raking once, use a dethatching rake to go over any trouble areas that the power rake missed.


  • Power Rake Machine

  • Rake

  • Dethatching Rake

  • Compostable Bags


  • We expect a machine aerator is used, not a manual one, unless the yard is too small to fit the machine. Several passes over the lawn may be required as the holes should be spaced 3 inches apart.


  • Machine Aerator

First Lawn Mow & Trim

  • If part of the requested services, the lawn mow/trim should always be the last service you complete. Mow the lawn and trim the edges, picking up any remaining debris and giving the lawn a clean look.


  • Cordless/Gas Lawn Mower

  • Cordless/Gas Trimmer

  • Compostable Bags

How to Pickup Spring Clean-up Jobs

  • Spring Clean-up jobs will be listed on the app home screen when customers approve their quotes and are labelled as “Spring Cleanup” and “Scheduled Job” on the main job card.
  • Ignore the “Size” category as this functionality isn’t working yet. It’s best to view the satellite image or Google maps the property yourself to see the aerial and street view.
  • Tapping the job will list the job details including the preferred dates the customer would like service — you can only pickup the job if you’re able to complete the work on one of their requested dates.
  • Ensure you read the job attributes which list the property areas that work is required on.
  • Only the services that need completing will be listed, with a “Yes” label underneath them — only pickup jobs that you have all the required equipment (see above) to complete.
  • The request also indicates how much leaf clean-up will be required.
  • Only pickup the request if you’re able to perform the add-ons requested as well.
  • Offsite debris removal will pay you $4.20 / bag up to a max of $63.00 .
  • All other add-ons pay an hourly rate of $42.00 / hour to you, and are billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Customers may specify additional requests or things to pay attention to in their comments/photos.
  • The total job amount will list the spring clean-up price, plus an estimate of the add-on services — depending on how long they take, or how many bags you remove, you will earn more for these.
  • If you’ve confirmed you’re able to complete all the requirements and are ready to pickup a job, tap “Take Job”.
  • You will need to select the date that you plan to perform the work, based on the customers availability.
  • One final prompt will confirm the date you chose, and once accepted the job will move to your “upcoming jobs” tab.
  • The job you picked up will be listed under the “upcoming jobs” tab along with any other spring clean-up requests you pickup.
  • They will need to be completed on the date that you picked them up for.
  • If you’re not able to complete the job on the date listed, you are able to drop it but should ensure you do this at least a day before the work is to be performed so another MowSnowPro has the chance to take it.


Spring clean-ups in the MowSnowPros app are quoted and scheduled ahead. After receiving a quote, customers will select a few dates that they would like service to be completed on, and when you pickup the job in the app you will indicate which date you will perform the work. It’s important to do the work on the date you’ve selected so customers know you’re coming and will have their gates unlocked, dogs inside and yard ready to go.

Customers will be able to select between any of the services above. Their selection will be listed on the job description, along with any add-ons (see FAQ below). The expectation is that you only pickup jobs you have the equipment to perform.

Customers use the app to request a quote by selecting which services they would like, the areas they want completed and dates to have it done. A member of the MowSnowPros team will then use Google Earth to measure their property, and provide a quote based on the size and services requested. Excessive leaves left from fall on their property, or additional requests are also taken into account when we provide a quote. Customers can then accept the quote, which will send their request out for you to see on the app and schedule.

Pay close attention to jobs with a number next to the price in brackets, as this means there’s an add-on(s) requested. Debris removal requires customers to pay $4.20 / bag up to a max of $63.00 to have their debris from the clean-up removed. Indicate in the app how many bags you removed and take a photo showing them. Even if there is more than the max # of bags, you are still to remove all of the debris and will earn the $63.00 cap. Customers can also select add-ons at an hourly rate of $42.00 / hour which include: dog waste clean-up, pinecone clean-up, hedge trimming/tree pruning and weeding/garden clean-up. We bill in 15 minute increments for these, and you will be required to select how long it took. For example, 2 hours of additional work would be 8, 15 minute increments.

If a customer has selected “bag and remove yard clippings”, you will need to bag all debris and dispose of it at an appropriate off-site location, and will earn the additional per-bag amount. If this add-on isn’t selected, you are expected to bag the debris in compostable yard bags (available at Home Depot & Canadian Tire) and leave them where the city picks up their green bin. Ensure you don’t overfill these bags as then the city may not pick them up and you will be required to remove them yourself. If your city doesn’t have green bin organics collection, transfer the clippings to a plastic garbage bag and leave them with the customers waste pickup.

We understand that “things happen”, but would like to do our best to avoid rescheduling work after setting the date with a customer. However, one of the most common reasons that a spring clean-up needs rescheduling is due to weather. If rain or a wet lawn prevent you from properly completing the work on the day it was booked for, you will need to drop the job. You can then pick it up again from the job list and select one of the customers other date options to perform the work. Best practice is to do this as soon as you know you will need to, rather than the day of. Equipment issues are another appropriate reason to drop a job, however doing so frequently will result in MowSnowPro staff intervention and follow-up.

Sometimes customers will specify additional requirements in their address comments/photos. MowSnowPros staff will take these requests into account when providing a quote, and it’s important to pay attention to them so that the proper work is completed. Our expectation for each of the specified services is laid out above, and if a customer wants services beyond these, they will usually be in the add-ons at an hourly rate. If a fall clean-up wasn’t done and additional leaves will need clearing up, this will be specified in the request, and accounted for in the quote. When bed/hedge blowout is requested with no add-ons specified, our expectation is that you are blowing out “loose” debris from these areas, and that piled up leaves or pine cones/needles wont necessarily be included.

Pay attention to the address comments and photos as they may specify anything to be aware of. This includes things like gates being latched or opened a special way, knocking on the door before arriving so that dogs are put inside, if there are underground sprinklers to be cautious of etc. Whether it is specified or not, you should always ensure that you check for underground sprinklers and other hazards on the lawn before starting work, that gates are closed and latched when leaving the property, everything is put back where you found it and that eavestroughs are placed down.

As long as you’re able to do the spring clean-up jobs on the date that you picked it up for, there is no limit to how many clean-ups you can accept at once. It is important to ensure you are doing the job on the date you booked it for, as some customers have requested specific days because that’s when their gates will be unlocked, their dogs will be left inside, they’ll be home, etc. Please also don’t accept so many jobs that you can’t take them on. We’re trusting that whatever jobs you accept, you’ll be able to complete at the time requested.