On-Demand Snow Removal

Residential Snow Shovelling

How itWorks

On-demand No Contract Snow Removal

1. Request a Snow Removal

The instant you want it shoveled.

Your job request will automatically be sent to all nearby MowSnowPro's, ensuring that your snow removal is tended to within 24 hours!

2. Your Walk Gets Shoveled

Sit back and relax.

A MowSnowPro will accept your snow removal request and shovel your walk. You set the price that you're willing to pay beforehand.

3. Rate the Job Done

Completion photo & secure payment

You'll see an after photo of your snow removal and are charged through the secure third-party processor, Stripe. Then rate your MowSnowPro.

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Download the App or Submit Your Snow Removal Request Online


What Makes Us Different

No Long-term Commitment

Make On-Demand Requests

Just want your walk shovelled while you're on vacation? Maybe it's a heavy snowfall or the coldest day of the year and you would rather stay warm inside? We provide that flexibility with the click of a button.

Quick Yard Service

Nearest MowSnowPro Notified

To ensure your walk is shovelled as quickly as possible after you've made a request, it is automatically sent to the MowSnowPro that is closest to your address. You'll be notified when your request has been accepted.

Money Saved

You Set the Bid Price

If you've ever hired a contract snow removal service for the entire season, you may have felt ripped off when it didn't snow much. With MowSnowPro's, you save money by setting the price you're willing to pay to have your walk shovelled and only getting charged when it snows.

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Even MoreBenefits

Keep Warm & Safe

Leave it to the MowSnowPro's

Shovelling your sidewalk isn't always a walk in the park, especially on those -30 degree days. Our youthful MowSnowPro's are built to withstand the cold and strenuous work that snow removal entails, so that you don't have to.

Supporting Small Business

We Contract Entrepreneurs

You can feel good knowing that every time you request a MowSnowPro to shovel your walk, you are directly supporting an entrepreneur's efforts to run their own business.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Optimized for All Web-enabled Devices

Whether you're at work on a snowy day or lucky enough to be sitting on a beach enjoying your vacation, MowSnowPro's is available to you. Just grab your mobile device, sign-in to your account and send us a request to have your snow removed.