Setup On-demand Snow Removal

How to Setup On-demand Snow Removal

Setup on-demand snow removal if you want full control over your service requests. Once setup, you can submit your request only when you would like the service completed. The following steps walk through how to create an on-demand snow removal request — see above for account registration and adding a new property to your account.

Create Job

  • To setup a snow removal request, tap “Create Job” on the property card, choose “Snow Shovelling” under the Job Name selection and then tap “Next” to proceed
  • Tap “Select” under Service Delivery and choose “One Time”
  • Tap “Select” under Job Attributes to setup your service information
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  • Scroll through the headers and select each attribute you would like included in your snow shovelling service, by tapping on them.
  • If you make an accidental selection, just tap it again to uncheck
  • Once you’ve completed your selections, tap the check mark at the top of the screen to the right of the “Job Attributes” header
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Add-on Services

  • Tap “+ Add Service” at the bottom of the “Create Job” page to see available add-on services
  • Tap on any of the add-on services you’d like to select. Their additional charges are displayed next to each service.
  • Tap the back arrow in the top left if you don’t require any add-ons, or tap the check mark in the right corner if you’ve added any
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  • Once you’re happy with your service selections, click the “Next” button at the bottom to proceed to the next step

Optional Photos & Comments

  • If it will help the MowSnowPro complete the job, you can upload photos of your property by tapping the blank “Add photo” icon and can specify additional directions or other information in the comments section
  • This is optional – tap “Next” to proceed after adding photos/comments, or to skip this step.
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Set Your Bid Price

  • Based on your property attributes selection, and the current demand for snow shovelling, you will see a suggested bid price at the top
  • Set your own price by pressing and holding on the slider button, then moving it up or down
  • Generally, higher bid prices will get a quicker response time, while lower bids may not get accepted — bidding around the average should result in service within 24 hours
  • If you would like to adjust when your request becomes available to our MowSnowPros, tap on “immediately” under the Send to Queue header
    • Your selection is when the request will be sent out,  and not the time that your request will be picked up
  • Tap “Review Job” to proceed

Review Job

  • Scroll down to review your job details and if you would like to make any adjustments, simply click on the selection you’d like to change to go back to that screen
  • If you don’t want to add a credit card and submit your request right away, tap “Save” so that your job is available in “Profile –> Saved jobs” for a future request
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Payment & Submit Job

  • If you are ready to proceed, tap on “MSP Wallet” under Payment Method to add a credit/debit card on file
  • You require a card on file to submit your request — tap “Add New Card” to enter your payment details
  • Once your card is entered, tap on the card to select it as your payment method and return to the job review screen
  • Review the “Instructions & Terms”, then tap “Submit Job” to make your request available to our MowSnowPros
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