Saskatoon Spring Clean-up Services and Pricing

Lawn & Yard Clean-up Services in Saskatoon

How it Works

Saskatoon Spring Clean-ups Made Easier Than Ever

1. Request a Clean-up Quote

Set the date you require service.

You'll receive a quote emailed over within hours, once we review your submission and measure your Saskatoon property on Google Earth.

2. Your Lawn is Cleaned-up

Relax & enjoy your Spring.

Once you accept your quote for the Spring Clean-up services you selected, a MowSnowPro will be by on or around the date you chose.

3. Payment & After Photos

Secure and simple invoicing.

Once the job is completed, we'll email you an invoice through our third-party payment processor Square, and attached before/after yard photos.

Saskatoon Spring Clean-upPricing

Choose a la carte Services or a Package

0-2000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Frontyard Only or Backyard Only or Small Frontyard & Backyard
$160-$200 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking$100-$120
  • Aerating$60-$80
  • First mow/trim$35-$45
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$15-$25
  • Bagging/leave bags for city pick-up FREE
  • Bagging/removal of debris$5/bag
  • *discount available for bundling services.

2000-4000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Frontyard & Backyard or Corner-lot Frontyard
$200-$240 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking $120-$160
  • Aerating$80-$100
  • First mow/trim$45-$55
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$25-$35
  • Bagging/leave bags for city pick-upFREE
  • Bagging/removal of debris$5/bag
  • *discount available for bundling services.

4000-6000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Corner Lot Frontyard & Backyard or Oversized Frontyard & Backyard
$240-$280 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking $160-$200
  • Aerating$100-$120
  • First mow/trim$55-$65
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$35-$45
  • Bagging/leave bags for city pick-up FREE
  • Bagging/removal of debris$5/bag
  • *discount available for bundling services

6000+ sqft Lawn

e.g. Oversized Corner Frontyard & Backyard
$280-$320 Full Package
  • a la carte services:
  • Power-raking $200-$240
  • Aerating$120-$140
  • First mow/trim$65-$75
  • Blowout of hedges/beds$45-$55
  • Bagging/leave bags for city pick-up FREE
  • Bagging/removal of debris $5/bag
  • *discount available for bundling services

Local Customer Testimonials & Media Coverage

Saskatonians are Loving our Yard Clean-ups & Other Services

5/5 Stars - Wayne G.

Saskatoon Lawn Care & Snow Removal User

``He did an awesome job and was there with in an
hour again. This is my moms house and this is so
easy I will also use this app at my place!``

5/5 Stars - Paul C.

Saskatoon Snow Removal User

``Nice job and fast response.
Perfect. Thanks.``

5/5 Stars - Adriana R.

Saskatoon Snow Removal User

``Excellent! Requested and shovelled
within an hour!``


What Makes Our Spring Clean-up Service Great

Pick Your Own Clean-up

Select the Services You Want.

You can choose the Spring Clean-up services your
yard needs. This way you're ensuring that you
stay on budget and get the services you want.

Quick & Easy Quotes

No Property Visit Required.

We use Google Maps to accurately measure
the size of your yard and can therefore email
over a Lawn Clean-up price almost instantly.

Painless Online Payment

Receive an Emailed Invoice After.

Once your Yard Clean-up is done, we'll email
over an invoice payable securely online through
Stripe or Square. Before/after photos are attached.

Getting rid of leftover leaves, dead grass and debris in your yard after the bone-chilling Saskatoon prairie Winter has come and gone is a vital part of any Spring Clean-up. If leaves and debris were left on your lawn when the snow hits, they may have caused snow mold over the Winter. By power-raking your lawn, all the debris and thatch gets loosed and then raked up. This gives your grass the access it needs to air, sun and water. Aerating takes plugs of soil out of your lawn, which then helps nutrients access the grass roots, while also reducing soil compaction and thatch.
We get that you’re totally capable of completing a Yard clean-up on your own, with a little help from the family. The issue is the small amount of time between the last of the snow melting and the first blades of green grass growing. This is why we have nearby MowSnowPros throughout Saskatoon communities, that are waiting to complete your Spring Clean-up. They can help by power-raking the lawn, aerating it, blowing out your hedges/beds and bagging it up, all the way from Silverwood Heights down to Stonebridge.

Even More Benefits

Book Now or Later

Select the Date for a Clean-up.

We'll always try and ensure we get your yard
serviced on the date you select, whether that be
immediately or scheduled in the future.

Support Local Entrepreneurs

We Hire Contractors in the Community.

All Spring Clean-up service requests are sent to our
vetted contractors, who are local individuals
that run their own landscaping businesses.

Before/After Photos.

Emailed Upon Job Completion.

You can verify what a great job was completed
on your yard by having a look at the before and
after photos we send over of the Lawn Clean-up.