On-Demand Lawn Mowing

How itWorks

Lawn Mowing Made Simple

1. Request a Lawn Mow

The instant you want it mowed.

Your job request will automatically be sent to all nearby MowSnowPro's, ensuring that your lawn is tended to within 24 hours!

2. Your Lawn Gets Mowed

Sit back and relax.

A MowSnowPro will accept your job request and mow your lawn. You set the price that you're willing to pay beforehand.

3. Rate the Job Done

Completion photo & secure payment

You'll see an after photo of your lawn and are charged through the secure third-party payment processor, Stripe. Then rate your MowSnowPro.

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Download the App or Submit Your Request Online


What Makes Us Different

No Contracts

Make On-Demand Requests

Just want your lawn mowed while you're on
vacation or during an extra busy day at work?
We provide that flexibility with the click of a button.

Quick Lawn Service

Nearest MowSnowPro Notified

To ensure your lawn is serviced as quickly as possible
after you've made a request, it is automatically sent
to the MowSnowPro that is closest to your address.

Secure Transactions

Payment Made After Job is Done

All transactions are securely processed through Stripe,
an industry leader in mobile app payments. This means
we don't actually store any of your information.

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Even MoreBenefits

Money Saved

You Set the Bid Price

You save money by setting the price you're willing to
pay to have your lawn mowed & as an on-demand
app, you only get charged when you make a request.

Supporting Small Business

We Contract Entrepreneurs

You can feel good knowing that every time you
request a MowSnowPro, you are directly supporting an
entrepreneur's efforts to run their own business.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Optimized for All Web-enabled Devices

MowSnowPro's is always available to you. Just grab your mobile device, sign-in to your account and send us a request to have your lawn mowed.

Lawn MowingBid Pricing

You Set the Price - These Are a Guideline

Below, we've provided a rough idea of the bid price to offer. When you download the app or submit a request online, you'll enter your property information and services description, and we'll automatically provide you with an average bid price. If you want your job to be picked up by a MowSnowPro quicker, you could bid higher than the suggested price. Or if your property doesn't entirely match the description, you can choose to bid less.

0-2000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Frontyard Only or Backyard Only or Small Frontyard & Backyard
  • add ons:
  • Trimming+ $10.00
  • Overgrown Lawn+ $10.00
  • Bag/Remove Grass+ $5.00

2000-4000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Frontyard & Backyard or Corner-lot Frontyard
  • add ons:
  • Trimming+ $10.00
  • Overgrown Lawn+ $10.00
  • Bag/Remove Grass+ $5.00

4000-6000 sqft Lawn

e.g. Corner Lot Frontyard & Backyard or Oversized Frontyard & Backyard
  • add ons:
  • Trimming+ $10.00
  • Overgrown Lawn+ $10.00
  • Bag/Remove Grass+ $5.00

6000+ sqft Lawn

e.g. Oversized Corner Frontyard & Backyard
  • add ons:
  • Trimming+ $10.00
  • Overgrown Lawn+ $10.00
  • Bag/Remove Grass+ $5.00