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  • Download and open the MowSnowPros app. The background image reflects the current season. If you want to switch the season, click the menu icon in the top left, then move the Mow/Snow toggle at the bottom.
  • Ensure you have a credit card added to your account. Do this by clicking the menu icon in the top left, then “Payment”.
  • Next, click the “Send a MowSnowPro To” bar at the top. You can add multiple addresses here.
  • After you enter your address, you will be prompted to select the property that looks most like yours and to enter details about your lawn type and service request. Specify any special requests in the “additional comments” field.
  • Click “submit.” You’re not done yet! You will be prompted back to the home screen, where you can now click the blue “Request a MowSnowPro” bar at the bottom. Next, you will be prompted to confirm the job details you have submitted. Finally, click “Request a MowSnowPro.” Your request is now sent.
  • Once you have entered your address and property details, you will not have to go through these setup steps again. Simply click the blue “Request a MowSnowPro” bar at the bottom each time you want to request a service.
  • You can confirm your request has been sent out by looking at the bottom of the screen, where it will say it’s waiting for a MowSnowPro to pick up.
  • Once a MowSnowPro has picked up your request, they have two hours to arrive and start the job.