Current MowSnowPro Training Steps

Onboarding Steps

  • Once training exercises are complete, and you have registered an account, an admin will approve your account
  • You will receive an email and a notification on the contractor app when your account has been approved
  • Enable SMS notifications if desired
  • Add banking information so that we’re able to pay you (click here to see required info)
  • Watch for further updates on when you will start seeing real jobs in the new app


As many of you are all too familiar with, we were starting to outgrow the old app and have been for a while. We couldn’t have gotten MowSnowPros to the point it’s at today without that first build, but as we started getting more customer requests and service providers onboard, the app didn’t do a great job handling that much traffic. In order to continue growing and confidently bring in more job requests for you to complete, it became evident that we needed a new platform rebuilt from the ground up. We heard your feedback along the way, and have done our best to apply it to the new platform. We’re confident that the new app will eliminate all of the issues/bugs that had become all too common in the old system. There shouldn’t be issues uploading job photos anymore or downtime when out in the field. If you run into an issue, or a job already completed, you won’t need to message us and wait for a reply, you can do it all from the app. We’ve created this app to work as hard as you do and to no longer get in the way of your efficiency or ability to make more money while out completing jobs. 

Initially, the old MowSnowPros app will still be available and will be the place to go to pickup jobs. Once the new customer MowSnowPros app is released on the app store (we are aiming for early February), we will be discontinuing the old app and deleting it from the app stores. At this time, jobs will start coming in through the new app. Make sure you have your push notifications turned on in the app, so that you receive an alert when the jobs start rolling in. We will also provide email communication leading up to the customer app launch.

No, not immediately. We are releasing the contractor app before the customer app, in order to ensure that all of our MowSnowPros are onboarded and comfortable with the new platform. This means that there will be a small period of overlap where jobs will still be requested through the old app, and need to be completed through it. We will send you an email once we’ve released the customer app and at that time, you will be able to delete the old MowSnowPros app.

No, as the app was redeveloped as a brand new platform, you will need to register a new account. This is a good thing as now you will use your real email address to login (rather than an one), so you can receive notifications and updates to your email, as well as reset your password on your own. 

You can download the new app from the iOS or Android app stores. Click these links below, or search “MowSnowPros Contractor” in the app store. Remember it is a separate app from the customer one now, so you will need to ensure you’ve downloaded the right one (app symbol has a white background with blue text). 

  • Click to download for iOS
  • Click the download for Android

Once you’ve downloaded the new contractor app, click over to the “Register” screen at the top. Then enter in your real email address and create a password, or use the social login buttons to create an account. From here you will be guided through account setup.

Since we redeveloped the new app from the ground up, your account on the new app will not contain anything from the old app, including your job history.

Since we redeveloped the new app from the ground up, your account on the new app will not contain anything from the old app, including your rating. This means you get a fresh start to impress customers and maintain that 5 star average!

Yes, even if you recently did the training we are still requiring that you complete both training exercises before your account on the new app is approved. We’ve created two new videos to watch, as well as redone a majority of the training questions. One of the videos will be entirely new content about how to use the new app. The other video will walk through snow removal requirements, and provides a good refresher on our expectations.

Though a lot has changed in the new app, we’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible, while still making some major improvements to the experience.

We don’t have an exact date but are aiming to have the new customer app released in early February. We’ll maintain communication with you leading up to the launch, and will let you know when we plan to transition job requests over to the new app. Assuming you’ve already registered your account on the new app, completed training, and have received your activation email, you should receive new job notifications once they start coming through the new app. Until then, please keep picking up requests in the old app. The plan is that we will never have requests on both apps at the same time’, once we release the new customer app, there will no longer be jobs on the old one.

No, since the app has been redeveloped from the ground up we shouldn’t see any of the same issues. The format to upload photos is different now, and makes it easier for you to double check that your before and after photos are good before uploading them. There should be very little delay when you submit your photos.

Yes, you will now be able to pickup more than one job at a time. With snow removal, until we see how it’s working, we are still limiting this to two jobs at a time. This will make it a lot more efficient traveling to another area knowing that you will be able to do at least two jobs there. The app will allow you to pickup two jobs, go to the first, complete it, and then once your “upcoming jobs” list is back to one, you can pickup another. This way you should always be able to efficiently cycle through two jobs in your jobs queue at once. You will still only have two hours to get to any jobs that you pick up. For lawn mowing, we will likely increase the number of jobs you can take, and how long you have to do them, as there is less urgency than with snow removal. With snow removal, we’re limiting it to two jobs and keeping this time limit for a few reasons:

  • Customer response time is still one of our top priorities, and a major differentiator that keeps customers coming back to our app. Increasing the number of jobs you take, and thus how long it takes to get to the last job on your list, is unfair to customers.
  • If you pickup several jobs ahead of time, and then have an unforeseen issue like your vehicle getting stuck, all of those jobs would need to be dropped and customers notified. This doesn’t make for a good customer experience. 
  • We want to give all of our MowSnowPro service providers equal opportunity to pickup available jobs, rather than having one person stockpiling them all. 

Yes it’s changed. Though a majority of our core expectations in the contract remain unchanged, the MowSnowPro Contractor agreement has been rewritten. Please ensure you read through it thoroughly before accepting the updated terms.

Customers will be able to see a clear image of your profile picture (so make sure it’s a good one), your first name only, your average rating, your experience in each job category, how many jobs you’ve completed and the bio you write when registering

Yes, tipping is one of the new features we’re most excited to unveil in the new app. After you complete a job, the customer is notified that they should provide a rating and optional tip. You can view their rating and tip in your job history under that job (you will receive a notification if a rating is provided). You will be sent 100% of any tips at the same time the job is paid out. Please remember, tipping is optional and just because a customer doesn’t provide a rating or tip, doesn’t mean there were issues with the job. Some customers have already increased their bid price above the average, and despite the price or tips, we expect that a great job is completed every time.

Our intention with the new app is that it will speed things up for you, as we’ve tried to make the process as efficient as possible. The old app was meant to be simple and straightforward, but this ended up causing issues when only one photo could be uploaded, you couldn’t cancel jobs from within the app, etc. Now that we’ve added these additional features to the new app, you may find you have the app open on your phone more, and are spending more time than before to start and complete a job. Though this may feel like it’s slowing you down initially, the hope is that by enabling you to do such things as upload multiple before/after photo, view more accurate job descriptions, and drop/pause/escalate jobs from within the app, you will spend less of your time messaging us and waiting for a response. This functionality should also greatly reduce the chance that you will need to return to a job a second time to complete additional areas, or show that they were done. Further, given how slow and sometimes buggy photo uploads were in the old app, we expect that you’ll be able to upload multiple photos of different areas on the property in the same amount of time as before.

As with any new technology, there may be a slight learning curve, however we are confident that the app has been designed to be extremely functional while still maintaining a simple user interface. We’ve tried to further reduce any initial obstacles by providing a couple training videos and exercises that walk through the new functionality. The first few jobs you complete in the app may feel like they’re taking longer, or you’re spending more time in the app uploading photos, however over time you’ll get more comfortable with the new interface and should become more efficient. Since photos aren’t uploaded in the app until you’ve actually clicked submit, we expect a lot less time consuming issues around photo uploading that had plagued the old app.