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Access local service requests at no cost to you

About Us

About Us

We allow residential customers to order lawn mowing, snow shovelling, and related landscaping services via a mobile app.

About You

About You

We engage with folks who have their own equipment and vehicle and are interested in performing landscape services.


No Negotiation

No Collections

The requested services, location, and price offered are displayed in the app. You review and decide if you want the job or not.

Work When You Want

No Minimums or Maximums

You're in control of your schedule and you can complete as many or as few jobs as you want. There are no minimum shift lengths or job commitments.

Get Paid

via Direct Deposit

You'll get cash in your bank account within 11 days of completing a job. There are no fees or deductions on our end -- what you were offered is what you'll earn.

MowSnowPro ContractorProfiles

Students, retirees, and anyone in between who is looking for landscape jobs. Whether you’re doing it for the extra money or just to stay active, as long as you have your own equipment and can do a good job you’ll probably be a great fit!

Have you recently started your own landscaping company? Picking up jobs in the MowSnowPros app is a great way to fill up your schedule while you build your own business. We take care of billing, customer service, and acquiring our own customers so all you need to focus on is the work.

We work with many established landscape companies who love the ability to do more jobs when they have the capacity. They excel performing high-dollar Spring and Fall cleanups, all without having to spend a dime on marketing.

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If you work in Alberta, Saskachewan, Winnipeg, or Ottawa, complete the steps below to continue.

Click here to complete Training Module 1, which outlines our expectations and the Service Provider Agreement which defines and governs the terms of our relationship.

There is no cost or obligation to undertake the training, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you have questions about becoming a MowSnowPro, please email [email protected]

Once you have completed Training Module 1, download the MowSnowPros Contractor app and complete the registration process:

When you have passed the quiz (part of Training Module 1) and completed registration on the app, we will review your application.

If you meet eligibility and there is an opening in your service area, we will email you additional training materials (approximately 20 minutes) and approve your account upon completion.