Calgary Christmas Tree Recycling

On-Demand Christmas Tree Pick-up

How itWorks

Christmas Tree Recycling Made Simple

1. Request a Tree Pick-up

The instant you want it taken away.

Your request will automatically be sent to the MowSnowPro's that are nearest to you, ensuring that your Christmas tree is picked up quick.

2. Your Tree Gets Recycled

Sit back and relax.

A MowSnowPro will accept your request and pick-up your tree. They will take it to one of the city's designated drop-off locations.

3. View Photo & Payment

Hassle-free payment processing.

Upon job completion, your payment will be made through our secure third-party payment processor Stripe, and you can confirm your tree was collected.

The City of Calgary no longer offers curbside Christmas tree pick up – but we do. Have your tree recycled the same-day you request


Why Use Our Service

Same-day Tree Pick-up

Nearest MowSnowPro Notified

To ensure your Christmas tree is removed from your property as quickly as possible after you've made a request, it is automatically sent to the MowSnowPro that is closest to your address.

No Clean-up

We Handle the Mess

Ever tried putting a dead Christmas tree in the back of your vehicle? Needles and branches get everywhere! Instead, leave the mess to us - you have enough to deal with over the Holidays!

Your Tree is Recycled

Reduce Waste in our Landfills

We'll recycle your tree at one of Calgary's designated drop-off locations and it will be turned into mulch. This helps keep waste out of the landfill and reduces greenhouse gasses.

Important Tips ForPick-up

Strip Your Tree

Remove Everything

Ensure that you've removed all lights, ornaments, tinsel, string, garland and tree stands from your Christmas tree so that it's ready for pick-up.

No Bags Please

Only Leave Your Tree

There's no need to bag or wrap your tree. Nor do you need to cut your tree up. Just leave it outside and we'll take the entire thing to a recycling drop-off.

Leave Curbside

Keep Tree on Your Property

Make sure you only put your Christmas tree outside on the day you've requested a pick-up, and don't place it on city property - leave it on your own.